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Olivia Kristine ,NEW YORK ,16 ,BBM:32D8C5DC

Friends , Ambriaa & Rachel & Chastity, Mac Miller, Mike Posner, JLO,The Notebook, The Roommate ,FAST 5, FOOD, KATY PERRY, LMFAO,Travis Barker, Chris Brown, Family, Laughing, H&M, Hollister, American Eagle, Victoria's Secret, Joyce Leslie, Charlotte Russe, Delia's, uniqlo, Quotes, Law&Order:SVU, Music, Texting, Bbming, CorrectSpelling, Shopping, Summer.

Got a problem with me ? Solve it ,Think i'm trippin ? Tie my shoes , Can't stand me ? Sit back down , Can't face me turn around !

Wanted by many, taken by none, looking at some & waiting for one.

YES i follow back ... I speak my mind without much thought or consideration.

follow my Sissy♥ her blog is amazing

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